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Why mobile phones are hot and how to prevent it | best solution in 2021

Why mobile phones are hot and how to prevent it

Why mobile phones are hot and how to prevent it. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. However, the number of smartphones is currently relatively high. Especially the young generation all have smartphones in their hands. It is often seen that he is getting hot while using his mobile phone. Many people do not find out why this is happening. Many assume that his phone may have been completely damaged. Not really. This mobile phone gets hot due to your little mistake. Why mobile phones are hot and how to prevent it.

At first it was said that smartphones tend to be relatively hot. These may be brightness, problems for software, back cover problems, virus problems, etc. Mobile phones are sometimes so hit that you have to leave them after a while. Due to this, mobile phones cannot be used for a long time. It is often seen that while doing a lot of necessary work, the mobile gets hit and the work is disrupted. However, whatever the reason, no matter how hot the mobile phone is, today’s post will end because you will know the reason and how to solve it.

The reason for the hot mobile phone

Extra brightness

Brightness is the amount of light on a mobile screen. In other words, the amount of light on the screen to understand everything on the screen is the brightness. The higher the brightness, the better everything on the screen can be seen. So many people are always with more brightness. One of the reasons for mobile heating is to increase the brightness. Because if you give more brightness, there is an extra pressure on the mobile. Not only does ATM heat the mobile it is extremely harmful to the eyes.

Because its vision begins to slow down. And when the pressure falls on the battery, the charge is less. So considering both aspects, it is better to run the mobile as low as possible. It is good in all aspects.

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Long time WiFi connect

When a phone has a data connection or a network connection, the mobile starts to lose a lot of charge. This is because if the WiFi camera is on the hotspot on the mobile, then the processor of the mobile starts working at a fast speed and it heats up slowly. If the data connection or WiFi of the mobile phone is connected for several hours continuously, then the mobile is likely to get hot. This is a normal occurrence.

So it is better not to worry about it. And to prevent this, it is better to keep WiFi connected for a very short time. However, there is a normal data connection, WiFi connection is more hit. This makes it possible to run the net with normal data connection. But when you give the internet to someone else through hotspot, you must pay for it for a short time. Otherwise, there is a possibility of all other damage to the mobile.

Play heavy games

Many more games are being played due to the addition of various new features on smartphones. Many are leaning towards the camera of the current generation of smartphones in particular. They spend most of their time playing different types of games. Such as- Free Fire, Pubji, Mortal Combat etc. After playing these games, the mobile phone usually starts to get hot after some time.

This is because from the time these games are started, the pressure is completely on the processor and RAM. Due to which the processor slowly starts to heat up and after a while the smartphone gets hit. There are some phones that are difficult to carry. This problem occurs more quickly in mobile phones where the processor is weak and the RAM is low. So it is better to play these games according to the qualification of your mobile.

And try not to keep all these heavy games on mobile as much as possible. There are currently a number of online games that do not put much pressure on the mobile to play them directly. So it is better to play all those games.

Background running apps

We have some apps on our smartphones that have background data on. That is, even if it is operated, its work begins to be completed gradually. This automatically warms the mobile. Therefore, all these background apps have to be closed. In this way, the charge on the mobile will be more and the mobile will not be hit.

Problems with hardware and software

If the mobile phone has a hardware problem then the mobile phone gets hot. To solve this, you must go to the shop technicians. And if there is a problem with the software, then a hard reset will fix it. This will be the same as if you buy a new mobile. So it is better to give a hard reset as soon as there is a problem with the software.

Apart from these problems, smartphones can get hot for several reasons. Again, due to the low quality of some smartphones, mobile hits.

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