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How to increase the speed of typing on computer | Best Way in 2021

How to increase the speed of typing on computer

How to increase the speed of typing on the computer

Computers are now being used everywhere, including office court educational institutions.  In other words, computer work is now used in all the tasks of daily life.  Many even use computers for personal work.  No matter what kind of computer type feature the smartphone has, it is necessary to use the computer.  Because it is not possible to do all the work through mobile.

And most of the work that is done through a computer is done by typing.  Whether you use a computer in the office-court or any other work, you have to type in it.  And at present, the number of posts of computer operators has increased. 

In other words, typists are needed in different types of organizations.  So you need to learn typing to mature your work resources.  However, those who hire a typist or hire a computer operator hire an eye on typing speed.

Because typing for a long time takes a lot of time so that the work does not progress.  So there must be an increase in the speed of typing to increase the progress of the work.  Usually, if there are 60 English words per minute and 40 Bengali words per minute then your typing speed is correct.  If it is less then you are less likely to get a job. 

Not just a job but your own work will not progress.  Therefore, even if you have to think about the future, you must increase your typing.  If you practice regularly, you will be able to write 80 to 90 English words per minute.

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How to increase computer typing speed

Use keyboard home position

Proper hand position is very important in computer typing.  Because it is very effective for typing correctly.  For this, you must have an idea about the start position or composition.  The starting position is that the first four fingers of the right and left hand on the keyboard should hold the specific buttons on the keyboard. 

That is, the fingers of the left hand should be placed on the A, S, D, F buttons and the four fingers of the right hand should be placed on the J, K, L buttons.  If you use this system, you can easily find different buttons with your fingers.  There is no need to look at the keyboard repeatedly to find the letters.  And of course, the thumb must have two spacebars.

 Use shortcuts

The most important thing in typing is the use of shortcuts. This makes it possible to get things done faster.  For example, if you want to copy and paste with the mouse, it takes several seconds.  But shortcuts with the keyboard can be done in just 2 to 3 seconds.  For this, you must use shortcuts while typing.

Use software to speed up typing

There are different types of software to speed up typing.  Which can be used for free.  This software has different types of tests.  It’s a lot like playing or being competitive.  Due to which the interest in typing increases more.  They also have a variety of typing tutorials.  You can easily learn advanced-level typing by looking at them.  And the big advantage is that it will show live how many words you have typed per minute.  And if any words are wrong, they will highlight.

Use the right keyboard

You don’t just have to know the position of the shortcut.  Need to use a good quality keyboard.  This is because normal keyboards usually have a slightly tighter button.  If you press any button, it will not last for a few seconds.  As a result, typing takes more time, and pain is felt in the fingers.  Need to use a good quality keyboard.

Typing by looking at the screen

You have to practice typing by looking at the screen all the time.  This must be done from the beginning.  Otherwise, it becomes difficult to change later.  For this, you have to look at the screen all the time and then start typing in the right-hand position.

Use typing tools

There are many types of typing tools available on the Internet.  It is possible to learn to type through them.  Because there is typing taught from basic level to advanced level.  There are text tutorials as well as video tutorials.  And the biggest advantage is that they take different tests competitively.  Due to which typing can be learned by playing games.  This creates more interest.  That means typing can be learned by playing tricks. 

And if any typing is wrong in these, they are seen.  Typing speed per minute can be seen live according to the typing speed can be increased again.

But no matter how you type, you must pay attention.  Because the more attention you get, the faster you can learn them.  Because most of the work depends on how much progress you make and how much effort you put into it.


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